Simon Mays 1998

[7-5-14R lab mikropal]@KRONOLOGI PERTUMBUHAN G2
A chronology for the development of the permanent teeth is shown in Fig 3.9.This chart is drawn up from data
given by Gustafson & Koch (1974), except for the M3, where the data are from Anderson, Levesque & Garn (1962).Formation of the M3 is somewhat more variable in absolute terms (but not in proportion to individual age ~ tapi tidak sebanding dengan usia individu) than that of the other teeth, but it is still a useful age indicator. For example, Thorson & Hagg (1991) found that the mean between age estimated from LM3 development & actual age in indivudual aged 14.5 — 20.5 years old was 8 months [p.44]


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